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Alcohol Free Wine Cases

There’s often nothing better than a chilled glass of wine at the end of the day. We should all be able to indulge in this small pleasure, even if we’re abstaining from alcohol.

Enter no and low alcohol wine, the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates the taste of a good grape, without the high ABV. We’ve collected beverages from a variety of vineyards to create mixed cases for you to enjoy.

Each pack holds six sumptuous bottles, so there’s no shortage of choice. You won’t have to compromise on your preferred style either, since they include red, white, rosé and sparkling options.

What’s Included?

Discover McGuigan Wines’ Zero range, and choose between their rosé or sparkling vino. Both are light and refreshing and contain just 0.05 percent alcohol. Using a spinning cone at a low temperature, the alcohol is gently removed before being bottled. An added benefit of these drinks is that they are low in calories, too.

You’ll also find Faber wines in our selection. Pour yourself a dry and balanced glass of 0.0 percent Chardonnay, or opt for the Cabernet Sauvignon if you’d like something with deep, fruity notes.

Whether you’re moderating your drinking or cutting it out altogether, browse our low-alcohol mixed cases, today.