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Sparkling Wine Cases

This fabulous fizz has, over time, cemented itself as the ultimate celebratory beverage, and is often drunk at weddings, birthdays and on New Year’s Eve. This is down to its association throughout the years with the royals, upper classes and even its use in religious ceremonies.

However, if this delightful drink tingles your taste buds, there’s no reason that it should be reserved for special occasions. Instead, order one of our sparkling wine mixed cases, so you’ll always have a bottle on hand.

Is Prosecco a Sparkling Wine?

Prosecco is an Italian white wine that is almost always carbonated, meaning it does fall under the umbrella of sparkling wine.

Uncover the Lunetta range, which consists of elegant and beautifully-made prosecco from the region of Veneta. You can relish both the original and the rosé version of this sensational tipple; pour a glass of the latter to enjoy a fresh, dry drink with notes of red berries.

Our collection includes other styles to sip on, too, such as a Pinot Brut from the Abbazia di S. Gaudenzio winery. Whichever you reach for first, you’re sure to savour each mouthful of this vibrant bubbly.

Browse the entire selection, before deciding on your perfect mixed case, today.