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Single Serve Wine

Secure a selection of miniature wines. Containing just 187ml, these single-serve bottles hold the perfect amount for one person.

Why Choose Single-Serve Wine?

Opting for minis can benefit anybody looking to moderate their drinking, but they also let you sample several different styles at once. This is ideal if you’d like to find your favourite brand or preferred grape, before ordering a full-sized bottle.

Another reason you should stock up on these small measures is to use them for cooking a fine meal. This beverage can be added to a multitude of recipes to enhance the flavour and aromas of every dish. Select a deep, rich wine (such as Merlot) to include in an indulgent ragu or red meat-based plate.

Discover our Delectable Range

Enjoy a slightly larger than medium-sized glass of your chosen vino. Whether you adore red or white wine, we offer them both. Relish the taste of ripe cherries and berries with a hint of spice when you sip Inspiral’s Australian Shiraz. Meanwhile, savour a fresh, crisp Pinot Grigio.

Pick up the Wine Tasting Mix of Miniatures to try each one of our single-serve products, or share them with your nearest and dearest. Alternatively, add on a mini to your usual order, today.