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For the residents of Argentina, wine has always played a huge part in their country’s rich history and culture. Just a few years ago, this divine drink was actually declared as their national liquor.

Today, this large South American spot is one of the leading wine producers in the whole world. Its climate, high-quality soil and sunny weather create the ideal conditions for growing vast vines. 

After a period of immigration from European countries, including France and Spain, several grape varieties are currently planted in Argentina. However, there is one particular style that truly stands out from the crowd.

Meet the Argentinian Malbec

Following a decline in production in Europe, most Malbec is now made in Argentina. Although it can be found in other locations, the blissful bottles created here are recognised as some of the finest around.

That’s why the majority of our Argentinian wine selection consists of this tremendous tipple. It has become the “national variety” of the country, even though its origins lie in South West France.

Order a Marvellous Malbec

Every glass features a deep shade of red and boasts vibrant fruity notes, with a silky-smooth texture. Enjoy each tantalising sip, once you’ve browsed our collection and ordered your preferred bottle.