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White Wine

White wine is one of the most diverse beverages on the market. The abundance of grape varieties and winemaking methods used in its production means there is an incredible range of bottles to choose from.

Most white wine styles are created from grapes with green skin. However, some, like Pinot Grigio, are actually produced from darker-coloured grapes, using just the juices inside.

This elegant drink dates back thousands of years, which has given wineries ample time to perfect its complex fermentation process. What was once only grown in Mediterranean regions can now be made worldwide, including in Australia and right here in the UK.

Popular Types of White Wine

Dry white wines, such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, are the most favoured types of this tremendous tipple. They are savoured for their light bodies, with each sip being crisp yet refreshing. That’s no reason to stick to your tried and true, though, since there is a wealth of tastes to explore.

We recommend getting to know several styles so that you can truly uncover a range of bouquets. The more you try, the further developed your palate will become. Soon, you’ll be detecting more in each glass than simply a “dry” or “sweet” flavour.

Venture to a new vineyard each time you pour yourself a different wine, after browsing our supreme selection, today.