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When an artist gives his impression of a bottle of wine, the final image will likely resemble a Malbec. This divine drink is a go-to glass for an array of drinkers, beloved for its plush plum colour and dark, fruity flavour.

Malbec wines are produced using a purple grape variety of the same name. While South West France is its spiritual home, today, most Malbecs are made in Argentina. This style is sought-after globally, though, with wineries around the world producing their own versions.

What is The Best Malbec Wine?

Since there is such a great number of excellent Malbec wines available, the best one for you truly depends on your own preferences. However, no matter which bottle you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a wine that delivers a fine flavour.

If you’re new to this tremendous type of tipple, consider going for a glass of Haçienda de Calidad Malbec. It boasts a black cherry and blackberry zest, and is available in single-serve bottles – perfect for those looking to dabble with different offerings. Alternatively, opt for a rich bottle of Pablo y Walter Malbec, which features an alluring red currant aroma.

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