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Chile has incredible potential for quality and is only just scratching the surface. This remarkable 3,000-mile-long country includes all the world’s climates apart from sub-tropical and tropical. Grape varieties need different climates to prosper and Chile can accommodate them all with some of the healthiest grapes in the world.

More vineyards are being planted in the Andes mountains up to 2,000m, where average temperature decreases by 0.6°C with every 100 metres of altitude. The coast, cooled by the 14°C Pacific Ocean, has spawned a remarkable recent growth in vineyards.

Chile became known for its excellent cabernet sauvignon, cuttings of which were brought back in the 1870s from Bordeaux and planted around the outskirts of Santiago.

Enjoy a Chile Cabernet Sauvignon today! Enjoy every sip of this great south american wine.