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France is famously known for its long history of wonderful wine production. Although winemaking began here before the Roman conquest, it was the Romans who originally planted vines across all of the French wine regions we see today.

This colourful country has a revered reputation for being the home of impeccable fine wine. It’s regarded as one of the biggest wine producers in the world and features over 400 wine regions in total.

Marvellous Merlot

Many drinkers are unaware of this, but Merlot is actually the most commonly planted grape variety in the whole of France, covering 14 percent of the vine area. You must absolutely try a glass of Merlot when considering this nation’s incredible wine.

How is Wine Made in France?

The grapes that are used to form this exquisite beverage produce natural yeasts and sugars alongside other essential chemicals. When the wine grapes go through the fermentation process, they experience a change in chemical balance. This is what makes this type of wine extremely spectacular.

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