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Winemaking in Australia dates back hundreds of years, with the first bottles sold as early as the 1800s. Fast-forward to today, and the country has become a world leader in the profession, making 1.3 billion litres of the beloved beverage annually. In fact, wine is produced in every single state, although the most prominent regions are found in the south.

Australian wines come in all shapes and sizes, as its wineries provide a broad scope of different styles. However, the nation is best known for its sublime selection of Chardonnays and Shiraz.

Australian Red Wine

There’s a remarkable range of red wine grape varieties grown in Australia, comprising popular options like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

For an insight into the truly authentic flavours developed in this country, sip on a glorious glass of Shiraz. There are plenty of illustrious brands to choose from, including the likes of The Last Stand, The Listening Station and Samurai, to name a few.

Australian White Wine

While it’s Australia’s red wines that often hit the headlines, there is a vast array of wonderful whites to try, too. Pop open a bottle of Water Stop Station Chardonnay; it boasts hints of apple, pear and tropical fruits, as well as a crisp, clean finish. Or, go for Silver Creek’s offering instead, which has a full body and a slightly buttery taste.

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