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Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is a sublime carbonated treat, created in a variety of different styles to please a whole host of palates. This wonderfully refreshing drink is favoured amongst many, including self-branded wine lovers, as well as experienced oenophiles.

Typically, sparkling wine is either rosé or white and its famous fizz is formed using great levels of carbon dioxide. Simply pop open a bottle to experience the tremendous sensation of the bubbles touching the roof of your mouth.

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The popular tipple of prosecco is a sumptuous, sparkling Italian white wine that is usually associated with celebratory events and divine dining. Share a bottle of Fontessa Prosecco Spumante Brut with your loved ones and savour its gorgeous, zesty notes.

Meanwhile, Lunetta’s dry, sparkling rosé is as delightful to drink as it is pleasing to serve, thanks to its soft, blushing pink appearance.

Is Sparkling Wine Champagne?

Sparkling wine can only be deemed champagne if its origins lie in the French region of Champagne. So, devoted drinkers must consider a tipple’s geographical location before branding it as champagne.

Essentially, all champagne is categorised as sparkling wine, but not every sparkling wine is classed as champagne.

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