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Rose Wine

Truly broaden your palate with a refreshing glass of rosé wine. Despite its popularity, many drinkers are unaware that it’s one of the oldest wines ever made, and long may its production continue.

This elegant looking, exquisite tasting tipple is regularly recognised for its distinctive, coral-coloured hue. The beverage’s pink tone is created using red wine grapes. However, the time spent fermenting the grape skins is reduced considerably, compared to red wine, which dilutes its colour. For this reason, different bottles come in a variety of shades.

Only the Best Rosé Wine

Discover our remarkable range to sample some of the world’s finest rosé wine. Uncork a bottle of The Secretary Bird Rosé from South Africa and savour gorgeous notes of cranberries, mandarin and zesty citrus fruits.

Alternatively, try McGuigan Zero Rosé – an incredible Australian beverage that is fruity yet crisp. The hint of pink grapefruit, accompanied by forest berry flavours, will certainly awaken your taste buds. This divine drink is perfect for those who are hoping to indulge in a glass of fine wine, with zero alcohol. These are just a few of the delicious options we offer.

Treat Yourself

Relish this rosy, sweet-tasting delight at home by browsing our superb selection and order a bottle, today.