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Merlot is deemed one of the world’s most popular red wines and when you take a sip, you’ll soon see why. The term “Merlot” refers to a deep, blue-coloured wine grape, which is the greatest planted variety in the whole of beautiful Bordeaux.

To truly impress your dinner guests, propose a toast with a glass of this impeccable, smooth drink and savour it in all of its brilliance. Our extensive selection is sure to please any palate.

What Is the Best Merlot Wine?

It’s hard to distinguish which type of Merlot wine is the finest since there are so many different takes on this faultless beverage. Naturally, your favourite will entirely depend on your preferences.

We recommend sampling a marvellous medium-bodied bottle of Mucho Mas Merlot, produced in Chile. Relish the tantalising taste of remarkably ripe, red bramble fruit blended with hints of rich dark chocolate, spice and smoky oat. 

Enjoy a Blissful Bottle for Yourself

With so much choice available, ensure you explore our wide range of Merlot wine. Start by ordering your first bottle, now.