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Although a refreshing beer may be the country’s national drink of choice, German wine shouldn’t be written off. This is especially true today since it’s become ever-more popular in recent years.

Interestingly, the majority of all German vineyards are found in just one state: Rhineland-Palatinate. Their location along the river means they benefit from the unique microclimate created there.

German White Wine Varieties

Germany primarily produces inviting white wines, while reds tend to take a back seat. That’s because in cooler climates, such as this one, red wine is more difficult to make (although it can still be found in some areas).

Historically, these delightful beverages were usually sweet and light tasting. However, dry wine has begun to slowly creep back into fashion within the country, so you can now sip on a sublime selection of styles. German grapes also tend to be less ripe, which gives the wine slight acidic notes, too.

Are You Avoiding Alcohol?

Featuring in our range of German wines are Faber’s enticing bottles. This wonderful winemaker creates alcohol-free versions of numerous beloved styles, ensuring you can indulge in your favourite tipple, without worrying about the ABV. Choose the supreme Sauvignon Blanc or the charming Chardonnay – whichever you prefer.

Discover the tremendous taste of German wine without the guilt, now, before you browse bottles from the rest of the world.