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For many years, Shiraz wine simply referred to wine that was produced solely in and around the city of Shiraz in Iran. However, over time, the term has become synonymous with one particular grape variety instead, also known by another name: Syrah.

This dark-skinned grape typically creates a full-bodied drink with an inky appearance and notes of black fruit and spice. Its profile can change depending on the climate where it is grown, but if you’re looking for a bold and flavourful vino, reach for a bottle of Shiraz.

We Stock the Best Shiraz Wine

There is a wealth of high-quality brands across the globe that provide this sumptuous style. Vine clippings were taken from Europe in the 1800s, allowing this and other varieties to thrive overseas. Shiraz is now especially popular in Australia, where it is widely produced.

If you’re curious about trying wine from this part of the world, we have several for you to savour. For instance, you’re sure to relish each and every glass of The Listening Station Shiraz (from Victoria, Australia), thanks to its silky feel and juicy aromas. Another Victoria-made Shiraz is The Last Stand; a warm and balanced tipple with a fruity taste and a touch of black pepper.

Wine lovers rejoice as you browse our diverse range and order a divine bottle of red, today.