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Organic Wine

For drinkers seeking a pure, unspoiled bottle of flavour, a glass of organic wine is a sterling choice. As well as being better for the environment, these refined beverages are the epitome of quality. Each one contains naturally-grown grapes, making them a healthy and wholesome alternative to other drinks on the market.

What is Organic Wine?

Although the definition can vary, organic wine is generally considered to be any wine with an organic certification. This verifies that the grapes used to produce them were grown without the use of chemicals like fertilisers or pesticides. So, in order to find bottles that are truly organic, simply look for those embellished with an official organic symbol on the label.

Our Range of Organic Wines

We have a number of organic wines within our range. Consider going for a glass of Da Vero Biologico Catarratto, IGT Terre Siciliane. Its citrus bouquet and hints of stone fruit are sublime, particularly when enjoyed alongside succulent seafood dishes and delicious risottos. 

Or, pop open a bottle of Da Vero Biologico Red, IGT Terre Siciliane. This option boasts bold berry aromas and bramble fruit characters with notes of spice, making it a prime pairing with rich pasta and grilled meats.

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