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Rose Wine Cases

Discover six delectable bottles inside our case of rosé wine and find your favourite. We provide a sublime selection to ensure that each sip will be savoured.

Having grown in popularity over recent years, you can now find a wealth of winemakers producing this style. Its pink hue changes depending on the grape used, ranging from a slight blush to a deeper, near-red shade.

Within this genre, the flavour will differ, too, sitting somewhere on a scale from sweet to dry. Rosé is no longer just a drink for the summer, but a staple wine to have in your collection year-round.

Inside Our Rosé Wine Cases

Try the Californian White Zinfandel by Pink Fox. California is associated with this particular type of wine because it was first created here in 1948. One winemaker had a happy accident involving a stuck fermentation of the Zinfandel grape, and the rest is history.

Pour yourself a glass to relish its sweetness, tasting the notes of strawberry and summer fruits. Or, for something delicate and refreshing, choose Principato Pinot Grigio instead. Thanks to our carefully put together packs, you can relish a range of grape varieties.

To sample more splendid bottles, browse our site and order a case, today.