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Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a gorgeous, green-skinned grape that is used to create divine, dry white wine. It is a beautifully fragrant tipple that is popular all over the world, but its origins lie in the blissful region of Bordeaux in France.

This tantalising treat can be paired perfectly with copious amounts of light, dreamy dishes. Enjoy a glass alongside a plate of sumptuous smoked salmon or a delectable goat cheese salad.

What is the Best Sauvignon Blanc?

There is no real way of determining which is the finest Sauvignon Blanc; this wholly depends on what pleases your personal palate.

If you adore zesty aromas, we’d recommend sharing a bottle of Sierra Grande Sauvignon Blanc. Savour every last drop of this fresh, citrus-infused wine that is bursting with flavour. It is sure to impress your dinner guests, as well as your taste buds.

Meanwhile, The Secretary Bird Sauvignon Blanc features sublime notes of ripe apples and is a truly delightful beverage to have on hand.

Indulge in a Bottle for Yourself

Devoted drinkers can relish a glass of this wonderful wine right away. Browse our extensive range and order a bottle to sip in the comfort of your own home.