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Red Wine Cases

Each delectable case of red wine has been carefully compiled to ensure it contains an exquisite array of bottles for you to enjoy. Sip on a Shiraz or savour a glass of Grenache, it’s up to you.

Ranging from light and medium to intense, full-bodied drinks, discover the wealth of flavour within this broad genre of vino. After exploring the contents of your case, simply choose the next one to try. You may even find a favoured winemaker that you wish to keep coming back to.

Which Red Wine Grapes are Included?

A number of styles that are now grown and appreciated across the globe can be traced back to France, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. You can taste a sumptuous selection of these in our French mixed red wine case.

Although French in origin, one particular grape has actually seen a decline there, and instead, is becoming a ‘national variety’ overseas. It is thanks to this increase in popularity, that we have an entire mixed box dedicated solely to Argentinian Malbec. These tipples boast a deep colour, rich fruity notes and a smooth texture.

Pour yourself a glass of the finest red, after browsing our site for your ideal blend of bottles, today.