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Spanish wine is beautifully diverse; any passionate drinker should have at least one of these bottles sitting in their wine rack.

This serene location is home to over 70 wine regions, which create a broad selection of palatable white, red and rosé wines. In fact, more than 400 gorgeous grape varieties are planted throughout this nation. As a result, there is a great deal of choice when you are seeking out a revered refreshment from this prime part of the world.

Relish a Glass of Rioja Wine

La Rioja is the largest and finest wine spot in Spain. Impressively, this remarkable region produces around 280 to 300 million litres of wine every year.

Rioja wine pairs wonderfully with many divine dishes, including plates of lamb, pork, saffron-heavy paella and seafood. Manchego cheese is also an excellent option to enjoy alongside this tremendous tipple.

Sample Sublime Spanish Wine

Tempranillo is the grand, dark grape variety that is most popularly associated with this country. It is used to make sumptuous, full-bodied red wine in Spain’s treasured wine regions. To taste this superb sensation for yourself, unlock the flavours of rich red berries and fruit as you sip a glass of Vina Ilusion Rioja Joven.

Try it for Yourself

Indulge in a bottle from this desirable destination, now. Simply browse our wide range of Spanish wine and order your favourite directly to your door.