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Natural Wine

Travel back in time to the early years of winemaking when you pour yourself a glass of natural wine. This style can usually be distinguished by its appearance since it’s often cloudier than the average bottle. When you uncork one, you’ll quickly notice its strong smell and juicy flavour, reflecting the true taste of the grape it’s made from.

What is Natural Wine?

There is no single definition of natural wine, but it typically means wine in its purest form, from fermented grapes only. During its production, the wine is left virtually untouched, meaning there are very few additives included in the process.

This style also differs from regular wine in the way the grapes are grown. Winemakers avoid using any herbicides or pesticides on their vineyard and handpick the grapes in small batches (rather than using any machinery).

Although it may seem like a new trend, historically, natural wine has been around for countless years. Nevertheless, it has certainly seen a rise in popularity in recent times. It’s believed that its lack of artificial substances benefits your health, too.

Try Something New Today

If you’re intrigued by the unadulterated taste of your favourite grape, join the many drinkers who have made the move to natural wine. Or, order a bottle to try alongside your usual trusted tipple, now.