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While wonderful wineries can be discovered across the world, you don’t have to stray too far from home to uncover a premium bottle of brilliance. The popularity of English wine has soared in recent years, with local winemakers gaining more and more recognition for the fine fruits of their labour. Given their supreme standards, it’s not hard to see why.

Excellent English Vineyards

Today, over 700 wineries are operating in the UK. Together, they produced over 10.5 million bottles in 2020, so there are plenty of desirable drinks to discover on your home turf.

Most vineyards are located towards the south and southeast of the country. They’re particularly prominent on the south-facing slopes of Kent, Sussex and Hampshire, due to the warmer climate and limestone soils found here. These conditions favour the growth of sparkling wine grapes, making this a speciality of English winemakers.

Despite this, commercial vineyards are situated in some surprising places around the country. In fact, they can be spotted as far north as Leeds, meaning there are tantalising tipples to be tried all across the nation.

Savour Every Sip

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